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College Information Links - General

Academic Advising

Admissions Planning

American Universities

Direct links to the Home Page of approximately 1102 American universities.

College Express

College Planning

College View

Contains some multimedia college tours, a searchable database and financial aid data. Also allows for InfoZap (tm) electronic mail and hot links to college's home pages.

HILLEL Guide - Jewish Colleges

Historically Black Colleges

Minority Student College Search


Peterson's Education Center

Lite version of Peterson's college database is available on this page, as are institutional links at all educational levels - especially useful are hypertext links to colleges and specific offices at colleges.

Selective Service System

Universities (All)

Direct links to homepages of 2641 schools throughout the world.

U.S. News Online

Has the annual ranking of colleges online.

Financial Aid Information

EFC Estimation Form

Estimates the family contribution using either federal methodology or typical institutional methodology. Probably best site on the web for estimating family contribution.

FAFSA on the Web

Complete the free application for Federal Student Aid online.

Financial Aid Information

Top quality homepage of links to many financial aid related sites, includeing EFC estimator and fastWEB scholarship search. The best starting point for financial aid information on the web.

Understanding Financial Aid Awards

Illinois Student Assistance Commission

This is the homepage for ISAC, the governing body for all state of Illinois financial aid programs. It administers the Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP Grant), Illinois State Scholars, Merit Recognition Program, College Savings Bond Incentive Grant Program and others. This site also offers a link to the CASHE Internet Interactive Scholarship Search.


More information from ISAC. Check out the Healthy Choices section of this site for the college cost and savings calculator, a state and federal aid estimator, and a loan repayment calculator.

Loan Payment Estimator

Sallie Mae

College loan information from the nation's leading provider and servicer of funds for federally insured student loans. Sallie Mae works with participating banks and lenders.

University Financial Aid

Scholarship Information

College Net

Provides a searchable database of colleges, scholarship opportunities, and academic resources.


Excellent free scholarship search database. Saves a student's profile and emails new sources of private merit aid to the mailbox online.

ACT/SAT Test Preparation Information

ACT Home Page

Provides registration and re-registration for the standard ACT national test dates with MasterCard or Visa. Lists test centers for each test date, gives details about the content of the test and sample test questions, provides tips to help prepare for the test, and includes information about acceptable identification required at the test center.

College Board Online

Provides a wealth of information about tests (PSAT, SAT AP, CLEP, etc.) and services. Online registration for SAT (with MasterCard or Visa) and online requests to send score reports. Write practice tests for the SAT II Writing Subject Test and get feedback from official test readers. Conduct online searches for information on careers, colleges and scholarships. Browse the College Board Store.

College Power Prep

Offers both free and for sale test prep software including SAT Strategies, SAT Diagnostics, VocabMaster Lite and SAT Classroom.


Princeton Review

Stanford Testing Systems

SAT test preparation and skill building - one of the most comprehensive test prep sites.

Career Information

Career Explorer

Career Net

Military Careers

Mapping Your Future

A public service web site produced by ISAC which provides students with information on career planning, academic preparation for college, admission procedures, standardized tests, college selection, and financial aid options.


NCAA Clearinghouse