College Planners, Inc.

Knowledge is Power

With the college costs that families are faced with today, you need all you can get! ---Peter V. Laurenzo, author of College Financial Aid: How to Get You Fair Share

College Planners, Inc.’s comprehensive consultation will provide:

A thorough analysis of the factors that impact your aid eligibility with recommendations to ensure that the student is demonstrating as much financial need as legally possible.

A calculation of your "Expected Family Contribution." Knowing how much your out-of-pocket costs will be before you go through the application process could save you considerable time, money and frustration.

An estimation of your income taxes. Waiting to file your financial aid form until after you receive your tax return may cause you to miss aid deadlines.

Sound advice on how to effectively finance the portion of college costs not subsidized by aid.

A historical aid profile of each school to which your child is applying.

Expert preparation of the necessary financial aid forms. Forms improperly completed or sent in too late may disqualify, reduce or delay your aid.

Tips on evaluating and negotiating the financial aid packages offered.

With college costs increasing at an average rate of 6% to 10% each year, many families are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to send their children through four years of college.

Effective financial aid planning requires a sophisticated knowledge of the complex elements which determine a student’s aid eligibility. With four-year college costs ranging from several thousand dollars to in excess of one hundred twenty five thousand dollars, it makes good sense to utilize a professional financial aid planner who has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process and ensure you’re not losing financial aid dollars.

As a leader in the financial aid planning field, College Planners, Inc. is dedicated to providing expert personalized service to our clients. Our primary objective is to help your family qualify for your fair share of financial aid.