2001 Newfoundland
This is our second trip in the Dutchman travel trailer. We crossed into Canada at Niagara Falls with a destination of Newfoundland. We expected the scenery and the wildlife to be magnificent and we were not disappointed. But the thing that really impressed us with Newfoundland was the people. Actually, all of Maritime Canada , is very friendly and helpful and warm, but especially Newfoundland. When 911 happened, and we learned that many flights had been forced to land in Newfoundland, we knew they were in good hands. And later the stories came out about the incredible hospitality that the "Newfies" showed to the American's. We are forever grateful for their kindness and warm hearts, to us, and especially to our American's in their time of great need. Newfoundland is one of those places that once you have visited it, you miss it, you miss the people and all the surrounding beauty.
2000 Colorado
In 2000 we bought a Dutchman Travel Trailer and a guidebook to the natural hot springs of Colorado and set off on our first travel trailer trip.