Harold and Tobias getting ready for the photo shot

Day 23 Posse Ride Eastern Campaign
Tuesday July 5, 2005
Apple Canyon Lake, IL
20 miles
Warm and sunny
Rode with: Kazuo, Kyoko, Dave, Carolyn, Marty, Heinke, Stefan, Tobias and Frank and Rick (Bling-Bling). We are now the Dirty Dozen Bikers.

Another morning starts with the hot tub. We all grab some yogurt and bananas and cereal for breakfast.

Now I want a group photo with all the Harleys on the patio. It starts off with a little simple re-arranging and placement of the Harleys. They are all dirty from the ride. So we get out a few rags and wash the side that faces the camera! Dave sets up his remote control tri-pod. Not to be outdone, Harold goes and gets his JLG Lift!