Here is Harold at the Florida state sign.

Day 8 Posse Ride Eastern Campaign
Monday June 20, 2005
Mobile, AL to Machon, GA
392 miles
Less humid and in the 80's, partly sunny
States: 25-Florida, 26-Georgia
Rode with: Kazuo and Kyoko, Dave, and Jay, a young New Jersey policeman, SWAT team, its good to ride with a Badge.

Some riders get a photo of themselves at every state line. We never did that last year. And its hard to do, like when we rode into Alabama you could not see more than one or two feet in front of your face because of that storm, there is no way you could take your camera out in that.

Long day of riding. And a couple of hours of it on the interstate. In the past HOG arranged and pointed out suggested stops for us. For some reason they are not doing that this year, and did not tell us they were no longer doing it. So we did not realize that we should have been doing research on the route and where to stop. So today we had great weather and riding, but are feeling a little disorganized. The only stops we made were gas stations. So from now on at the end of each day, we'll do all the research on the next day.

Great dealer party in Machon, Georgia. A live local band. Pig roast. Tours of the historic Machon.