The pass over Col de Riedmatten

On day two of our one day hike we crossed back over the glacier and headed towards the fixed steel staircase to go over the pass. Before the ladder we had to walk along a VERY NARROW ridge and the drop off to our right was straight down. The walking book hadn't mentioned that part! Thank goodness we waited until morning to do this. Fortunately our new friends from the night before had decided to wait for us. One of them took my pack along the ridge and up the staircase. And then he came back down to help me up the ladder. At the part where I had to step over from one ladder to the next, our other new friend helped me cross the span. I was still terrified by the whole thing, but I made it. And we are learning you can make friends even though you can't talk to each other. I speak very poor French and their daughter spoke very poor English, but with a lot of hand signals we all managed to get by.