Cabane Dix

In the other direction, across the glacier, probably an hour away, Harold spots some kind of shelter on the mountain, at the top. Our feet are soaked, our packs are heavy, we still have jet lag and we still have not slept and now we've been hiking for 12 hours. It’s either head for the shelter or spend the night outside without tents. So we cross the glacier and climb the mountain. It turns out the shelter is an SAC hut, which is usually closed by now. But luckily it is open; some Swiss-Americans mountain climbers had reserved it. We felt very lucky to be alive and safe and in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We had an amazing dinner. We slept in a group room with three other hikers from Arolla. Because of the jet lag, very high altitude, and other sleeper’s noises we got no sleep. The night sky was spectacular from up here.