When we had checked into our hotel in St.Luc, they did not take credit cards, and did not have our names or address. We stayed in a private room, with our own bathroom and view of the Matterhorn from our balcony. You could also see the hotels private vegetable garden from our balcony. And we ate breakfast there each morning and dinner there each evening, and the food was, of course, perfect. No one spoke English, so we did not even know what this was costing. We were very pleasantly surprised by how low the bill was when we went to settle up.

The morning we are leaving, our French speaking waitress, who spoke no English and had served us breakfast every morning and dinner each night, said to us in English “Good Morning, Can I help you?” Since we were the only English speaking guests, she had obviously worked on that one phrase just for us. We were touched and honored. We don’t want to leave. We spend the last morning walking around town and trying to find all the planetary murals in St. Luc. Then we catch a bus back to Sienne, back to the “big city” and from there a train up to Basel.