The Matterhorn as seen from our room in St. Luc.

We find this marvelous hotel in St. Luc. There is a view of the Matterhorn from our balcony. No one speaks a word of English. And of course the food is perfect. Now we decide not to leave. We take a rest day, hoping that I will be able to hike again if I take a day off. Because at this point I can hardly walk my knees hurt so badly. We take a nap, because of the jet lag and high altitude this is our first sleep in days. Later in the bar we meet people from the town of Chandolin and make friends. We buy each other drinks and cheeses and they tell stories in French and we tell stories in English and we both tell stories in sign language. We all laugh and have a great time. We love this little town so much we end up staying five days and doing day hikes without our packs.