Harold lounging at Lesmahagow

Here's another typical Harold and Susan story. We can't go past Balclutha because it's the start of the Southern Scenic Route, and it's dark now. We see a sign for a Bed & Breakfast. We've been in the youth hostels, the hotels, the motels, it would be nice to try a B&B. We get there and Amy O'Malley, one of the six children of the owners, opens up. She is going out, and she calls her parents and they have decided not to come back until the next day. So she says we can't stay, but she's so gracious, she gives us the tour. After seeing their beautiful home, and it is so late, and we are so tired, I say to Amy, "oh, I wish we could just stay here". Remember, we are both in total Harley gear, and Amy is a young lady, home alone. By now we have been in her house for at least a half hour. She says to me, "well, I can't cook like my mom, I have to go out tonight, so you would have to run the business until I get back". And I tell her, we can do that. So we get a room, at a discount because we have to run the place and because breakfast won't be like Mom's. It turns out running the business involves letting the cat in and feeding him when he screams. Which Sam the Cat has trained us to perform perfectly. If you are ever anywhere near this place while on the South Island, you must stay here. Its a beautiful old home. And by the way, the next morning Amy's breakfast is wonderful.