The Blue Penguin

After viewing the penguins, we go back to the building where a lady had given us directions to get to the official colony. Under this big industrial building is another Blue Penguin Colony, and we can see the penguins cross the railway tracks, and then disappear into the air vents of the building. We stay awhile to make sure the ones that we see get in safely, because there is also a local cat watching the penguins crossings and she looks up to no good.

We check into youth hostel, but the street floods within minutes of us arriving. This town was one of the two towns that were completely under water two days ago. Harold has images of Alex's Harley floating down the street. So we check back out of the youth hostel and head for higher ground. We can't go too far, because there are things we want to see between here and Dundedin. We get really lucky, we stop at a motel on high ground and it's reasonably priced, large, spotlessly clean, and the owner is really friendly and helpful. She gets me a special ice thing for my ankle and opens her little store so we can get something to microwave for dinner. And we stayed dry again all day. Life is good.