From Arthur's Pass to Mount Cook

About 60 kilometers from the last gas station, but before we get to Mount Cook, the Harley starts to run out of gas. At one of those one-lane bridges, one where we do not have the right away, we have to stop because of an oncoming car. We flag them down. They do not have siphoning equipment, they are tourists from OZ, but they offer to take me in their car and follow Harold in to Mount Cook. He almost makes it into town, happens to run out right in front of one of the only houses around. She sells him a little gas, and we all make it to the town. The Ozzie's had recommended a glacier tour for tomorrow. And there isn't exactly a gas station in this "town", but the "big" hotel can open it up for an extra fee. We'll do that tomorrow. Tonight we check into the Aoraki Mount Cook Alpine Village, we get a room with a view of Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest mountain, which we can't see tonight because of the clouds. We have a wonderful dinner at the Old Mountaineer's Cafe, and we meet two girls from Denmark and have fun talking with them for quite awhile. And we managed to stay dry all day.