Arthur's Pass

By the time we get to Arthur's Pass, there is still one hour of day light left. But even in the rain, we can see the pass is incredibly beautiful. And we are now wet and freezing, we have been in the pouring rain all day, so we opt for staying here. The youth hostel is small and just gave out the last private room, so we ride back to the one hotel here. I get the laundry started and then get my foot on ice and elevated, while Harold works on getting all our stuff dried out for tomorrow's rain. And since we have a hotel, we have a TV, and the weather reports are pretty scary. In some parts of the Southern Alps, where we are headed next, they had so much snow the passes had to be closed. And the east coast where we are headed after that, both those cities has so much flooding, that the roads had been closed all day and people had been evacuated. But to tonight at least we are warm and dry.