Fox Glacier

After Fox Glacier, it starts raining. We stop at Hokitika to look at the local jade, it is blessed by the Maori after coming out of the mines, and crafted locally. Harold finds a couple of pieces for Susan's birthday. But it's late in the day, and they have already let us stay after closing, and it's only a half hour out of our way to go back tomorrow before we go through Arthur's Pass. So we'll come back tomorrow. We continue to drive up to Greymouth, on the way we pass over two bridges, which are one lane and shared with a train! It's raining too much to photograph them, I'll show you it when we cross back over it again tomorrow. We arrive late, and very wet, and very tired, to the Greymouth International Youth Hostel. It's a beautiful old building. We walk in the pouring rain to the grocery store and get snacks and take them back to the youth hostel for Susan's birthday dinner.