Our guide getting back at Erin for her practical jokes

Erin had loaded all four male guides backpacks with rocks, which they did not discover until lunch. So to get back at her they had the clever idea of putting soap suds in her boots the next morning. It was raining, so the more she walked, the more she would foam. Unfortunately, Erin had the exact same boots as one of the paying guided walkers, whose boots now foamed all day! Unable to outsmart Erin, the other guides now resort to physical restraint. It was like watching someone trying to give a cat a bath, it took all four of them to restrain her. All in good fun, these guides obviously have a good friendship and strong bond with each other. They were fun and knowledgeable. Thank goodness I had their first aid help with my ankle, and their encouragement to go at my own pace and not to worry how long it took me to hike each day. And each day, one of them was a very patient "Sweeper", following last on the trail to make sure we all made it in safely.