Gate to the "Pathway to the Future" on the Queenstown Hill walk

Monday April 17, 2006

We go straight to the group showers this morning. Then we hike into town for a little last minute shopping for the hiking trip. Then we take short hike up the Queenstown Hill. It takes us twice as long as everyone said it would and we are worried about the long hike. After this beautiful hike we purchase groceries and wine and head off to the youth hostel to join the chefs in the kitchen. When we get there I start laundry. Harold heads down to the kitchen with his groceries and a bottle of wine to make our dinner. After I get the laundry started I go into the kitchen to see how its going, to take some photo's of Harry and the kids all cooking. When I get there Harry is totally twitter-pated. First he had set his mug of wine down in the kitchen and a young man from Korea, also drinking red wine, accidentally picked up Harold's mug and drank it, leaving Harold with his Ripple. Additionally Harold was having a hard time finding the utensils he needed, plus things keep leaving his space. And it seems like no more than two people in the room speak the same language as each other. So it's very fun and very confusing. I pitch in to help prepare the dinner. We finally get it ready, sit down to eat, and by now almost all of the wine at our table is gone. The girls next to us seem a little more giddy than before. And the meal is totally inedible. So after spending $100 on groceries and wine, we end up throwing the food out and opening the second bottle. From now on, we eat out.