Kiwi in Queenstown

Sunday April 16, 2006

We have never stayed in youth hostel before. Our room is very basic, it has a great view of the lake. Its cheap, clean and it feels safe here. We have a private room, and a semi-private bathroom, which means all the private rooms share one bathroom. The room next to us is occupied by five young ladies from Spain. They commandeer the bathroom military style. They have lookouts. They actually booby-trap the hallway. They attach some electric devise to the hallway electric outlet, and the cord is about knee high across the hallway we must cross to get to the bathroom. By 10 AM I surrender and go use the woman's dorm bathroom. Harold watches their strategy, and finally manages to get to the bathroom just before one of the soldiers (oh, I mean girls.) She looks so downfallen at losing the war,(and yes, they are all young and beautiful and charming), so one sad look from her, Harold surrenders the bathroom to her, and goes to the men's dorm bathroom. After getting ready, we hike into town and spend the rest of the day exploring Queenstown and shopping for supplies they said at orientation we need for the hiking trip.