Lazy Bear Lodge

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada is on the shore of Hudson Bay, on the edge of the Arctic Circle. No roads go through the tundra to it. You can only get there by the rail line or a small plane.

First we flew into Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, had a perfect flight, cleared customs, elevator upstairs, walked across the street and into the Sheridan Winnipeg. Free DVD's, room service, life is good.

Very early,next morning we catch the flight to Churchill on Calm Air. Before we get on the flight they warn us our luggage may not make it, and we may not make it to Churchill, the weather has turned bad, not cold, it's only around freezing, but the winds might be a problem, they are now up to 70 KPH. We are apparently going to take off, land in some other town we never heard off, and then someday make it to Churchill. We sign all the waivers and board the plane.

But Harold and I make it into Churchill, the landing is a bit bumpy, but all is fine. Of course, not all our luggage makes it. They promise they will deliver it at 5 PM on the next flight.

We unpack and settle in to The Lazy Bear Lodge. The winds are now up to 115 KPH, but it's not raining or snowing, which is good, since our boots, flannel shirts, and Harold's long underwear, are in the missing luggage. Today is our free day, we decide to walk around town, in spite of the locals severe warnings, that we should take a taxi. Day's 2& 3 will be Tundra Bus Tours, Day 4 a Churchill Cultural Tour and Day 5 is Dog Sledding.

This entire town is about five blocks long. But with the extreme severe winds, it takes us the rest of the day to get to the end and back. We find out later the winds were actually considered just a mile short of hurricane strength. It starts with just the high winds, then the rain, then the snow. It is very fun, we had to hang on to each other just to stay up, and stop in almost every store, cafe, the bank, the hospital, the school, the museum, just to stay warm and not get blown away. Going towards the wind was not too bad, hard work, but not too bad. Once we turned back to the lodge, instead of the really hard work to go forwards, we now have hard work just to stay upright. At one intersection, my cast leg just hit the ice, the wind caught me, and I literally sailed across the street.

We went back to the lodge for dinner. Everyone else has their missing luggage except us. And now there is some snow accumulation. But our luggage arrives the next morning before we have to go out again in the snow and hurricane strength winds.