Kazuo & Kyoko are friends with the owner of Vibes Biker Magazine in Japan.

Kazuo & Kyoko are friends with the owner of Vibes Biker Magazine in Japan. They all speak a little English. Make us tea, show us around, gift us two collector editions. One is of Sturgis, by Toshihiro Tadano and the Japanese photographer Hideharu Satoh. The second is of the annual Vibes rally in Japan, each October, at a different area of Japan, it is three days of Harley bikers and camping. 1994 was the first rally, our book is the special 10th anniversary photo edition. I love how the bikers all introduce themselves, (if they speak a little English). Very formal. "Hello, my name is Toshihiro Tadano, you may call me Toshi". "Hello, my name is Minoru Uemura, you may call me Mino". Toshi is the owner of the magazine and Mino is his senior editor. James, also joined us, but he forgot his business card and I'm sure I'm spelling his name wrong, its obviously not James, but it sounds like that.

We walk over to a little downstairs restaurant, Toshi's hangout. It has one small table, two large tables on the floor and a few seats at the counter bar. Little. As always, terrific food. Japan is like Switzerland, I don't think you can get a bad meal. We are there for hours. Laughing, drinking, eating, laughing. Telling stories, or at least trying to tell stories to each other. Asking questions and trying to answer each other. Laughing. We had so much fun.

Toshi, Susan, Harold, Mino, Kyoko, and then Kazuo.