Anzaien Tea Shop, the oldest tea shop in Fukushima

We ride to Anzaien Tea Shop, the oldest tea shop in Fukushima, over 100 years old. We come for Japanese green tea. It takes almost two hours to pick out the teas. Each purchase involves a long lively discussion in Japanese between the four family members who own this place. It is great fun.

We ride back home in the rain. We have put on over 1000 miles on a Harley in Japan. Is that cool or what?

Back at Kazuo and Kyoko's house, Mr. Nakaminato has been waiting. Kazuo interprets for us. Mr. Nakaminato so enjoyed riding with us yesterday, and so appreciated the patches from America we gifted him, that he has brought over little thank you gifts. All beautifully wrapped. He brings us chop stick pillows, beautiful. A set of five chopsticks with decorative holders, again beautiful. And a really cool Japanese wind chime made with hand blown glass. We are very touched. Japanese people, such good hearts.