Ohtaka's "garage", which is actually his second home

We all ride back and gradually split off. We are going to see Ohtaka's garage first, then we'll go to the Harley dealer. We are riding with K&K of course and Nakaminato and Ohtaka and his son Yu. Ohtaka takes us on a great one hour ride on the back country roads, all four Harley's ride tight.

We did not understand why we were going to visit a garage, go with the flow. But when we get there, we understand. This is not just a garage, its Ohtaka's second home, an old barn that he designed, inspired by old USA artwork. And this second home IS a piece of art. There are two antique Harleys, and an antique Indian off to one side, all red, restored, beautiful. He rides them all. In the center are camping tables and chairs for entertaining. He makes us coffee. American and Harley memorabilia all over the walls. Upstairs in the barn loft, simple sleeping quarters, Japanese style, except instead of down comforters, sleeping bags. Turns out this orthopedic surgeon, who also rides horses and fly's airplanes, collects and restores old bikes.