Grand Festival of the Nikko Toshogu Shrine

Day 3 Wed May 18, 2005 Nikko

We are riding Kazuo's 2000 Ultra Tour Harley Davidson. It has an American flag on the back. We don't know if he put that on especially for us, or if he rides it that way. Either way, it is cool. In America he rides with both American and Japan flag.

At 10 AM, baggage claims calls Kazuo on his cell phone as promised. Good news, the luggage is not in Canada anymore, it is now somewhere in Asia. Unfortunately they do not know where in Asia. They will call him at 3 PM this afternoon. No worries, we're doing just fine without it.

Twice a year is the Grand Festival of the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a 1000 person parade with 100 different costumes. Many are wearing the original costumes, which date back hundreds of years and are worth thousands of dollars. And we have front row chairs to this very special event. Harold is presented with a tree branch, symbolizing much luck.