Kazuo and Kyoko's friends Shunsuke & his wife Yuriko own Okazaki Ceramic Store

We go to a store to see the Japanese toilets. OK, laugh, but you should see these things. Its time to discuss culture shock in the bathroom. There does not seem to be any such thing as a dirty restroom in this country, all very clean. There are old Japanese-style toilets, which are porcelain holes in the floor, and require some kind of advance yoga training to use. Fortunately almost everywhere there is at least one Western-style toilet. Then there are modern Japanese toilets. Our hotel at the national park had a top of the line one. Heated seats to start with, but that is actually pretty common here. Harold and I were afraid to test any of the other buttons, all written in Japanese. Kazuo finds this very funny. He explains it all. They have two sprayers to clean you while you are sitting. Then a dryer. And then something about ozone so that nothing smells. Even after the explanation and window shopping in the hardware store, neither of us has had the nerve to push any of those other buttons.

Now it is 8 PM. Kazuo and Kyoko's friends Shunsuke & his wife Yuriko own Okazaki Ceramic Store, They live above the store. Kazuo calls them and tells them we are just coming now, they usually close at 8 PM,. No problem, they will stay open and wait for us. We are greeted and then have a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony. Yuriko & Kazuo teach Harold how to perform the ceremony. You have to buy a special bamboo brush to make the tea, and then you need the powdered green tea, bowls, etc., etc. It was very fun getting what was needed. It takes much consulting with all six of us to get us all set up correctly. Kazuo & Kyoko purchase one of our bowls for us. Shunsuke & Yuriko gift us the powdered green tea. After very carefully wrapping all, they gift us two oragami cranes that Yuriko made herself. They are to give us luck on the airplane flight home.