We ride back to Fukushima now, through Yokohama Harbor.

We ride back to Fukushima now, through Yokohama Harbor, Tokyo. Kazuo manages to time the ride through the city at 3:30 PM, just before Friday rush hour. They seem to have a system that lets drivers know which roads have backed up, there's a big map at the rest stops and red is not good. But our ride goes smoothly, no backups, what a HUGE city. At a gas and bathroom stop near Tokyo we see Westerners again and here English spoken again, first time in three days. A westerner walks by me and says "hi", I smile and answer "konnichiwa".

We stop at a rest stop again for food. Again, purchase the token, then they make the food fresh and its delicious. We are astonished at how much it costs to ride the roads. The tolls are very expensive...about an hour and a half on the freeway costs about $47.00 in tolls. But they are not crowded and are very well maintained and scenic. At the rest stop Harold no longer says "hey, Suzi, would you mind keeping an eye on my camera while I go over there and take a look at what they are selling?" Now its "you watch", and points to the camera. Simpler.