Dinner at Nikko National Park Yukata Hotel

As promised, at 3 PM baggage claims calls. They have found the luggage. It is at Narita airport in Tokyo. They can deliver it to our hotel tomorrow night and then next day air what we don't need and can't carry back up to Fukusima. We decide not to risk having it travel some more, and ask them to send it straight to K&K's home Friday night, when we'll all be back. In fact, who needs it! We're doing just fine without all that stuff. Go with the flow.

Now we ride about an hour in the rain, up beautiful winding, mountain road, to the Nikko National Park Yukata Hotel. Kazuo has reserved us a beautiful room with a view of the lake. We shower and change into the provided kimono, obi, tanzen and slippers and go to the restaurant for dining. We love this, almost everyone in the restaurant dressed the same, its like a pajama dinner party. By now we have discovered that we love the food. It is all fresh and delicious and healthy. And it is served so beautifully. Kazuo and Kyoko patiently explain what everything is. At dinner Kazuo show's Harold his favorite fish, and then he quickly bites the whole head off!! The astonishment on Harold's face was classic.

After dinner we go an enjoy the natural hot springs right at the hotel. Japanese hot springs are taken without swimming suits, so they are separated between men's and women's. A good meal, a hot springs, and then a massage chair and foot massage machine. Now we are totally relaxed and exhausted. Time to sleep.