Wind God

And the children impress us very much, they too are touring, in their school uniforms. They are all well-groomed, well- mannered, and respectful, but what impresses us most is how happy they all are. At one point, when Harold and I are walking together, following Kazuo and Kyoko at a slight distance, we are rushed by a small group of girls. "We are junior high school students" they announce. Giggling they ask "may we speak English with you, please?". And when we answer of course, one at a time they introduce themselves, and ask us how we are, lots of giggling. When I tell them their English is very good, they just glow. They ask us to poise for a group photo with them. And out come all the camera's. One of them asks where we are from, Chicago we answer, and Harold shows them the back of his vest. And now they realize we are Harley Davidson riders, much more excitement, and now photos of the vests. We are smiling every time we recall the junior high school students.

Around one o'clock the Mikoshi (those are the real gold "portable" shrines, to bring the gods to the people) are returned to the Shinto shrine. Harold and I are each gifted a pair of the important hand-made parade sandals, you cannot buy them. The President of the Shrine sends two men wearing business suits, to gift each of us a good luck tie pin.