Cherry blossoms

Day 1 Monday May 16, 2005 Depart Chicago

We used our United Airline points so we could fly this trip business class, since its such a long flight. When I called a few days before department for international luggage rules, she kept mentioning a flight to Toronto, turned out our Chicago-Vancouver flight had been re-routed by Air Canada Chicago-Toronto-Vancouver. Besides from the obvious disadvantage of adding any more time and stops, this route now got us into Vancouver hours later than our connecting flight to Tokyo. So the United representative got us on a direct United flight from Chicago to Vancouver, but we lost our business class and still had to pay for it, and now we only had a hour to connect to Tokyo. Naturally the Chicago flight ran late and the Tokyo flight got moved up early. We literally had to run through the airport, clear Canadian immigration, and barely caught our Air Canada flight across the pond. Now a little good news here, this airplane has no business class, we're going first class.

Air Canada, First Class, is like no travel we have ever experienced. They greet us with Champagne and juice, we are then served a gourmet meals with top quality wine selections from around the world. Next we pick out our second meal, and what time we would like it served. The chairs are electric and lean all the way back, have wonderful electric footrests, full comfortable comforters and pillows. Imagine a custom leather, extra wide, electric, LazyBoy chair with four feet of space in front of you to give you a feel of space and allow the waiter to serve you properly. They close the window shades, darken the airplane, and we nap. Those we want to work or watch movies, have their own personal little TV with multiple movie selections. And then as promised, two hours before landing, we are awakened from our restful nap and served a second gourmet meal. We arrive relaxed and refreshed.