Bella Tuscana

Top row: Sam, Carrie, Susana, Vito's niece, Vito's great-niece, Haroldo.
Bottom row: Taylor and Vito.

Vito remembers the Americans liberating Italy during WWII. And he is still grateful and loves Americans. He calls us Susana and Haroldo. All of us took the funicolare up to Montecatini Alto. Talked and laughed, but we don't speak Italian, and they don't speak English. But that didn't stop any of us from becoming friends and spending half a day together.

Because we were in small towns, we almost never met anyone who spoke English. We learned our manners in Italian, but that was about it. And that made the trip so much more fun. Meeting strangers, and laughing together, and struggling to communicate and laughing about that.