The public beach in Noumea

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today Philippe is taking us shopping for souvenirs. But, first we go to the court house to see Jean-Michel at work. Then Harold, Philippe and I have lunch at 3 Brasseurs, which means three beers, that are made right there at the restaurant. We have an excellent lunch, overlooking the public beach, right in the city. The swimming, snorkeling and diving are all excellent at this beach. After lunch we go back to shopping, the three of us have a lot of fun. Then we go back to Jack and Christine's for the farewell party.

Annick and Jean-Michel arrive bearing gifts. One of them is a hand made Harley bag for Harold. And when he opens it, Annick has filled it with many very realistic rubber or plastic "bed bugs"! Then at the end of the night, Harold get's into bed, and Annick has got Philippe to put all the "bed bugs" in between the sheets! Annick calls Harold "Monsieur Chevas", because in order to convince Harold to stay at Hotel Alison, we had to ply him with a bit of Chevas. Annick is not going to let Harold forget Hotel Alison, as if he could. If you want to see him cringe, just say "Hotel Alison", the cringe is now an automated response.

Christine has made us another of her amazing meals. We had a lot of fun at our farewell dinner, but we are sad as well, we will miss our friends very much.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

From Noumea to Auckland

Jack & Christine take us to the airport. Jean-Michel, Annick, and Philippe drive to the airport as well to say goodbye to us. We are given gifts of shell necklaces, which is the island custom, to guarantee that we will return. And we hope that someday Philippe, and Jean-Michel and Annick will visit America. Jack and Christine are coming to America this summer, as they do every year, so we will see them soon. And we have all talked about doing a Harley tour of either the North Island of New Zealand or of part of Australia together. But for now we say farewell to our friends, we will miss them.

We arrive safely in Auckland, New Zealand, but all our luggage does not. One of the bags is lost. Since there were only two flights out of Noumea, to Auckland and to Tokyo, we figure the bag went on vacation to Tokyo. We have our riding gear with us, so we're ok. We stay at a very nice motel near the airport, and get to sleep early, tomorrow we fly to Sydney, Australia for a week.