WWII Jeep and Harold

We stop in the town of La Foa at the Banu Hôtel for refreshments. The owner, Monsieur Tisiot, proudly show's us his WWII antiques. Now is probably a good time to talk about New Caledonia, America and WWII. France was unable to protect itself from Germany in WWII and unable to protect it's colony, New Caledonia from Japan in WWII. Just as Japan was about to attack New Caledonia, America entered the war. A large base of GI's was set up in New Caledonia. The New Caledonia's still remember that America saved them and still appreciate that. The Kanaks have positive memories of the U.S. presence, they were impressed by what they saw as an easy interaction between black and white American soldiers. Additionally, the American military made major improvements to the infrastructure, which the New Caledonia's credit for advancing their county forward. We are always introduced as Les Americains. They really like American's here, we feel very welcome.