Harold's beautiful new interpreter. Martine speaks excellent English, she worked for the airlines for years. About five years ago, Martine and her husband quit their jobs, to help a friend sail his yacht around the world. They were on the oceans for four years. They actually seldom saw the yacht owner, every once and a while he would fly out and sail with them awhile, but generally they took the yacht from harbor to harbor for him. So Martine speaks French of course, but is also fluent in English, Japanese and Spanish. In addition to her skills as first mate, she is chef, and nurse. Her husband and her are currently living on the yacht by themselves, the owner has it for sale. Harold and I, separately, both think the exact same thing. Martine and her husband should purchase the yacht and then market small private customized cruises on the internet. We tell Martine our idea, which she loves, but she either didn't like or didn't understand the self-employed part.