Poindimie to Noumea

We stop at a town for gas and groceries and bathrooms. Harold is looking for a bathroom, but we are at a grocery store. I'm trying to help him communicate and next thing I know he's gone off on his own in a back room. I figure they let him use their private bathroom. I wait in the store awhile, he doesn't show up, so I go outside and wait by the Harley. He comes up from the road. We get on the Harley and rush over to the gas station. We tell Jean-Michel where we'll be and he says "You must be prudent. We will meet you at the gas station." After filling up and using the restrooms, Harold tell's me "I got hit by a car". "What?!?!" "I was standing on what I thought was the sidewalk, and a car drove into me" "Are you hurt?" "No, I let him just spin me around, probably a little bruised at most". So it turns out there is a regular road, that is wide enough for two cars, but is in fact the right lane only. The left lane, is elevated, with a curb, and is barely wide enough for a car, and is not the same width as the right lane. So Harold thought he was standing on the sidewalk. Thus Jean-Michel's comment about the prudence. But still, even if you were standing in the middle of the road, you would like to think the oncoming auto would stop, instead of just running into you.|

This is how the English got our top rating as the worst drivers we've ever seen, they always looked like they would just run over you if you didn't get out of the way fast enough. The French drivers we had ranked up there because of their passion while driving, horn horning, waiving, yelling, weaving, speeding, braking, passing, etc. While their passion in cooking, music, adventures, wine, and pétanque is to be admired, passion and driving are a scary combination. Now that one of us has actually been hit, as a pedestrian,standing still, the French drivers have just moved up to first place.