A walk along the ocean after breakfast

Monday, May 8, 2006

We wake up in the beautiful, clean Monitel Hotel in Poindimie.
We have breakfast, poolside, with an ocean view.
Followed by walk along the ocean on the beach.
A swim in the pool.
The lively game of pétanque.
Lunch at the hotel.
A swim in the ocean.
More pétanque, this time into the dark, the game is finished using the car headlights! It was the "playoffs". (The French are very serious about their pétanque. After I sent out the first set of emails on New Caledonia I got this email back from Jean-Michel "Just little adjustments to your story. The first village where we've visited the Banu Hôtel with M. TISIOT is named "La Foa". More, very more important !!! we have played pétanque (not pétangue." But I think he'll forgive me soon! LOL!)
After pétanque we have aperitifs, pool-side.

And another wonderful dinner at the hotel. Harold has not been learning any French, since Jean-Michel is such an excellent interpreter. But we do make him order his own meals in French. Butter is served with breakfast croissants and with lunch French bread, but not with the French bread at dinner. So Harold asks the waitress for the butter in French, le beurre. As soon as he says it, she turns brick red and leaves the table, and everyone else bursts out laughing. Harold is used to them laughing at his pronunciation, but this is different. He turns to me, "what did I say wrong?", "I don't know, I thought you were asking for the butter". Jean-Michel explains. Harold said "la" instead of "le" and mispronounced "beurre", so he was not asking for butter at all, instead he made a very indecent proposition to the waitress!

Again, another wonderful relaxing day. Great weather, great scenery, and most importantly great company.