Hotel Alison

We get to Hotel Alison, in Touho. Our room stinks like dead fish. There is no hot water. Turns out the smell and the lack of hot water are probably related, there is a very old gas hot water heater, which probably the previous tenant did not turn off, and the smell of gas is similar to the smell of dead fish. The place is dirty and untidy. The lawn is all weeds and holes. Walking to the restaurant, stinks, who knows why they put the garbage right there and when they took it out last. And the restaurant itself stinks from the garbage. Anyone who knows Harold, knows he does not do well with mess and dirt, but he cannot do bad smells.

Annick can see it bothers him, so she teases him about bed bugs. Annick cannot speak any English so to get her point across she has her fingers walking across Harold like little bed-bugs. So now he can visualize them!