Harry's Cafe & Wheels

Harry and Roo at Harry's Cafe and Wheels for Harry's famous meat pies.

Roo told us not to buy anything all day when we were on our own. After they pick us up they are taking us to Paddy's Market, a discount shopping mall, where you can get souvenirs at a fraction of the price. Which is true, but the place is very overwhelming, it's huge.

By the time we get back, Roo's cousin Paul has showed up. Paul and Roo are leaving on Sunday for three weeks of riding in Vietnam.
Harold, Paul and Roo go for another walk with the walking club. Pam picks me up, we meet them at the club, and then we all go out for pizza. We explain to them that we are from Chicago, home of the world's greatest pizza. They promise we'll love Australian pizza. It's not like ours at all, it's more California style, but very creative ingredients and it's very, very good.