Here comes our ride

Roo and Graeme are off work now, so they come to pick us up at the Opera House. They had dropped us off at the Pylon, this morning, on their way to work.

So here is their job, well its a little business actually: There are about 10 Harley tour operators in Sydney. Those tour operators advertise and market Harley tours for people who want a ride on a Harley and take a tour at the same time. Some are one hour tours, say of the Sydney beaches. Or some are all day tours, say to the Blue Mountains and back. Sometimes only one passenger goes out. Sometimes the operator organizes 25 Harley's to take out a group of 25 passengers. So once the operators get the customers, they email or text message to all their registered, licensed riders the date and time and length of ride, and then the first riders to get back to them get the job. All the riders have special licenses to be able to carry passengers and have their own Harley's, and gear, leathers, helmet, etc for the passengers. So all the riders are actually self employed in their own little business. Graeme and Roo are registered riders and are signed up with all the Sydney operators. That's what Graeme and Roo do. They give tourists in Sydney, tours on the back of their Harley's.