When we get back to Phil's, Harold, Graeme and Phil take a short walk along the bush track near Phil's home.

And now it's time for "Shopping with Roo". Which really needs to be a new American reality TV show. I'm not kidding. You picture Roo, with his Crocodile Dundee accent. He takes the American family shopping, and yells at them every time they try to buy something where they are paying too much. Of course we'll need subtitles, not because we can't understand Roo's accent, but to interpret the insults from Oz slang to American. In order to make a couple of our purchases, one of us had to distract Roo, while the other snuck the desired item in our shopping cart. .Let's just say that Roo has the art of being frugal down to a science. If anyone out there is reading this and is in Hollywood, this reality TV show idea is really good. Just let me know and I'll introduce you to the future star of the show, Roo.