Susan and her new cockatoo friend

This little guy must have been someone's pet and then given to the zoo. He's in this nice big cage with lots of other parrots. But he wants to be touched by people. First he hangs on by his beak and sticks both his feet out of the cage, trying to sit on my finger through the cage. I don't know him that well yet, so I convince him to do feather petting first. He literally sticks his whole head through the bars to get petted by me. And when I try to leave, he follows me along the cage. I walk one way, he walks or fly's the same way, I walk back, he walks back. It is kind of strange, he's in this perfectly nice environment, yet I feel sorry for him, he clearly wants to be a pet again. There are actually quite a few birds in this enclosure that were former pets, but this little guy just steals my heart.