Royal National Park

Sunday, May 14, 2006

We have one week to see the Sydney area. Australia is about the size of the United States Lower 48. So we will need to come back for at least three to four weeks to do any kind of decent touring of Australia. Our United Air Frequent Flyer miles had us flying into Auckland, New Zealand, but to go home, they sent us even further west, to Sydney Australia, and then we'll turn around and go back east next week. Once we got our itinerary and realized we were getting to stop in Sydney, we decided to stay a week and visit our friends from the 2004 and 2005 Posse Rides, Graeme and Phil (AKA Roo).

Graeme Fisk picked us up at the airport. Roo is off on a ride for the day and will be back tonight. We went south for lunch at Beach Hotel at Thirool. On the way we drove through Royal National Park and at the south end of that the para-guilders launch and land over the cliff tops.