Advanced College Planning

Advanced College Planning

Our College Planning specialists help you find the best academic AND financial fit. We know which schools are statistically more likely to award you scholarships within your chosen field.

We deliver the best college matching and planning. Our services are hand crafted by experts to help students and families succeed in the College Matching Process.

A three-step, highly individualized process.

Our team will not only teach you how to lower your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), but also how to maximize your financial aid awards. We carefully analyze every attribute of your situation, helping you create a plan to achieve your dream college education at the lowest possible price. We promise to provide you with the best ideas and strategies on how to pay for college.

Our expert team will create a customized plan of action that shows you exactly how to pay for your education. We know the schools and scholarship providers in our database inside and out, and can help you understand financial aid packages, negotiate academic scholarships and grants, and meet all of their requirements with ease. Best of all, we’ll set up a time line for filing scholarships and financial aid applications so you never miss a deadline.

College Planning Services is a comprehensive service to help you navigate the complex and challenging process of getting into AND paying for college. Using our advanced data matching system, we’ve helped thousands of families get awarded scholarships, financial aid and admission to the colleges of their choice.

Expert college planning from us to you

We know that finding a college that is both academically and financially the best option for your family is no easy task. Rest easy knowing that College Planners has your back! We provide you with our proprietary system, EMERGE to ensure you receive every dollar of scholarship money that you are entitled to. In addition, our personalized plan shows you how you can graduate in 4 years without any student loan debt!

Don’t worry – we will help you find a way to pay for college. We have partnered with several of the best college finance experts in the country to give you expert advice when you need it most!

We understand the process and know the intricacies of applying to college. You will get a personal expert advisor who can handle all aspects of your applications, financial aid and scholarship opportunities.

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